History, Secrets and Assumptions- Padmanabha temple

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Part 1 is completely based on data recieved from internet. And part 2 is my assumption.
The origin of the Temple of Sree Padmanabhaswamy is lost in antiquity. It is not possible to determine with any exactitude, from any reliable historical documents or other sources as to when and by whom the original idol of Sree Padmanabhaswamy was consecrated. The Temple has references in Epics. Some well known scholars, writers and historians, like the late Dr. L.A.Ravi Varma of Travancore, have expressed the view that this Temple was established on the first day of Kali Yuga (which is over 5000 years ago). The legends of the Temple are handed down through the centuries. One such legend which finds a place in the old palm leaf records of the Temple, as also in the famous grantha entitled “Ananthasayana Mahatmya”, mentions that it was consecrated by a Tulu Brahmin hermit named Divakara Muni.
According to legend the Sree Narasimhaswamy and Sree Sastha shrines were established after the installation of the idol of Lord Sree Padmanabhaswamy.
The next important recorded events relate to the period between 1335 A.D. and 1384 A.D. when Venad was ruled by a powerful and wise king named Veera Marthanda Varma. He gradually established his authority completely over the management and administration of the Temple.
In this 21st century, temple has got the world’s attention in recent days.  About 1 Lakh crores worth of gold is found in the underground vault’s of temple.The committee which was employed takes in to account its value based on ancient and historical facts the value of the treasure will be approximately ten times to the value estimated right now. Treasure includes ancient gold chains, diamonds, rubies and precious stones, and gold statues the value of which is humanly impossible to evaluate in terms of money, bags full of golden coins of different nations including NAPOLEON and ITALIAN were also found.
The inspection of the temple began after India’s Supreme Court appointed a seven-member panel to enter and assess the value of the objects stored in its cellars, including the two chambers last thought to have been opened about 150 years ago.
There is 7 chambers in which these treassure were kept. There is no trouble until those inspection came at 7th chamber.
The entire world has eager to know what’s behind the Mysterious Last door of Padmanabha Swamy temple.
Some believes:-
According to the experts it was expected to Unlock by itself when a Secret Chant is spelled as it is locked in that way. It is believed that this chamber is being considered by the Trust members and other learned Astrologers of India, as highly mysterious, sacred and risky and dangerous to unveil it. Because its being saying that the steel door of the Chamber-B is having two big COBRA PORTRAITS on it and this door as no nuts, bolts or other latches. It is considered to be fixed to the secret chamber with the ‘NAGA BANDHAM’ or ‘NAGA PAASAM’ ‘MANTRAS’ by the then ‘SIDDAPURASHAS’ who lived during the reign of KING MARTHANDAVARMA in the 16th CENTURY.


7th chamber B door

A door of such a secret vault can be opened by a highly erudite ‘SADHUS’ or ‘MANTRIKAS’ who are familiar with the knowledge of extricating ‘NAGA BANDHAM’ or ‘NAGA PASAM’ by chanting a ‘GARUDA MANTRA’; So except in this way, the door can’t be opened by any means by anyone. At present NO WHERE IN INDIA or in the WORLD such a highly sacred and powerful ‘SIDDHAPURSHAS’ or ‘Y0GIS’ or ‘MANTRIKAS’ who does know how to execute highly sacred ‘GARUDA MANTRA’ are EXISTING.
If any human attempts are made with man-made technology to open the mysterious Chamber-B other than by chanting highly sacred and powerful ‘GARUDA MANTRAS’ by a highly sacred ‘MANTRIKAS’, catastrophes are likely to occour in and around the Temple premises or through out India or even through out the world according to VEDIC ASTROLOGERS OF INDIA, who also revealed their inability to open the door by chanting the secret ‘GARUDA MANTRA’. If ‘GARUDA MANTRA’ is chanted by any powerful ‘SADHU’ or ‘YOGI’ or ‘MANTRIKA’ the door proceeds to automatically open and no human effort is needed to open it in any other way. Adding to the belief that the Garuda drives away mighty serpents from our way.
Naga means snake
Garuda means hawk
 As of now, the people on the other side of the door are able to listen the sounds of water or Sounds made by snakes as guessed. Believers say that the seventh door is an opening where the entire temple and areas may be flooded with waters and some others say, that there are large serpents guarding the area inside which doesn’t allow any one. The day to know what’s really behind is still awaited.
These are some assumptions about that chamber inside temple. May be these are right, may be not. Now its time for my thoughts about this topic. My Review, My Assumptions.
I never seen that chamber or door. My criticism is mainly based on picture that I got from internet.

They said that door is locked by sound waves. I dont know whether i am right or wrong. Is that possible to lock something with sound waves? Now a days technologies have been developed and we can lock a door by saying password or words. But that can be possible only because, sound waves recorded by a software and software enables the door lock. Then is what happening today. But how can be these possible 150 years ago. How sound waves enables a physical matter directly?
So lock may be from inside and person who enable that lock may came out through some secret door or tunnel. Or he died inside the chamber.

Now about that door,

Some believe that its two cobra snakes facing each other. So it turn into some evidence for that naga manthra lock i guess. But it seems to be two dragons facing each other for me. Check it guys.
And there are 3 dragons. One is facing towards us.
Is there any combinations with those dragons that would unlock door? May be experts try though. I dnt know about that.


Two dragons facing each other

Chinese folks in the olden days believe that the presence of the mighty, majestic and magnificent dragon in the home bestows the magical energy of this celestial creature, bringing courage, creativity and capabilities that spell success for residents.
According to legend, is in the nature of the Dragon to collect, store and guard a vast array of precious gems. Metaphorically, the Dragon is the Ancient Ancestor who contains all the old wisdom. This is why the symbol has and is used by initiates and royalty.
It is a symbol of mastery as well as sovereignty

Two Dragons facing each other symbolize one who is working toward Immortality, while two Dragons facing in opposite directions indicate the attainment of Immortality. 
By calculating these information, conclusion is little bit easier than i thought.

Symbol in that door may be some purposeful illustration made by the king. As he gain knowledge by travelling china i hope. It meant to be that the things behind the B chamber door may help people of this nation from proverty or from sufferings. It may provide happiness to the people of this nation. Believing that that door may led us to become immortal with happiness.

So futher investigation help to find truth. This is also one kind possibility.

This is only my assumption came from my imagination. God knows the truth.
Datas collected from
1 http://www.amazingbharat.com/2014/02/mystery-behind-seventh-door-of-shri.html?m=1
2 http://sreepadmanabhaswamytemple.org/history.htm
3 http://dragoncourt.net/01.html

Thank you

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