We are politicians!!!

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We all dont know what is politics even though some of our friends proudly saying that ” I am politician. . .”


From old generation to new generation people tried to get vote only by granting offers. Even if we know that they will provide anything to this nation or this people. But we are trusting them again and again, they are fooling us again and again.

We are giving opportunities to different candidates from different political parties. Unfortunately the result is same. We get nothing. We will not get anything. Some political parties call themselves as “people’s party”. When they are into ruling stage they transformed into “The Political Party”. They work for their own benefit and their relatives benefit.

Is that wrong of being selfish? Leaders give priority to their own family and friends then only they give importance to any one else. They need people to win but benefit goes to their loved one. After that if there is anything left in their pocket they may give to his area people.


We have lot of political parties in our nation. Each party has too many representatives in each states, districts, corporations, panchayaths etc. We can see them at the time of election. Even if they are ruling or not, they will come to you when election programmes started. Beg for your vote. Give offers. Saying like will do that, will do this blah blah blah. We trust them and choose them and vote for them. After getting vote and elected they may go in front of you in a jeep with a waving hands and fitting smile. This is the symbol of thanks and friends you have to watch them closely. Because this might be the last chance to see them as one of you. From next day onwards they will become the busy leaders. You will get some chance to see them in few inaguaration functions. Or you have to wait till next elections. Until next election they will busy with nothing. Every busy time will end when next election campaigns start.

Every one will give some same offers all time. Some try to fulfill that. But at that time opposing teams main job is not to allow ruling party to accomplish that. When opposing party come into authority they will tried to fulfill but others will not allow. This is what we are watching from so many decades. May this is some play or game by political parties. Ultimate aim is to fool people.

Some fools will not loose hope on their leaders.

Work for them , trust them and finally become jokers.


One politician should act, cheat and bother about themselves only. Will come to you and give offers. Finally robs your money and nations money. Next election time, they will come to you again and repeat.

There are lot of good leaders in politics, but majority in politics are not working for their nation’s development, self development is their ultimate goal.

This is politician. They are so proud to say “we are politicians. . .”


Food Chain

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Guys you all know about food chain from your primary classes. I am not here to discuss about our primary class lessons. We all know abot producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers or even about decomposers. Lets get an idea of some interesting facts about some of our heroes in food chain of our lessons. Some may know this, some may not. Read and enjoy!!!

All animals must have food to give them the energy they need to survive, and they get it by eating other living things. This transfer of energy from one living thing to another is called a food chain. Every animal is either a predator or prey for other animals. Like we eat chicken. Those at the top of the food chain are called top predators. Now humans are top predators, we have the guts to eat every other living things of this earth. Its funny to say that we are ready to experiment with every thing and burn it and eat. In future lion flesh and tiger flesh can be bought through stalls or stores. We are heading into that. Hope it won’t happen.
Ok back to our topic!

Do you know, A frogfish can open its mouth and snap it shut in just 6 milliseconds. Gulp!!!
Some of them are loader larders, who save food for living.
Acorn woodpecker drill holes in a tree trunk and fill them with acorns for winter.
Butcher bird keeps its food on thorns or barbed wire.
Worker honeypot ants are living larders, storing nectar in their huge bellies to regurgitate later.
And we all know about honey bees hoard honey in the hexagonal cells of their hive.

Koalas eat almost nothing bt euaalyptus leaves. These arent very nutritious so they need to sleep 16hrs a day to save energy. So for those people who are in diet, there is a tip for you. Even if you dont eat much, you can save much energy by very good long sleep.

Some may use their own weapon to grab their prey. White shark has serrated teeth, scorpion has its venom filled sting, heron use its beak, eagle has hooked talons and crab use their powerful claws.

Now being a prey is very difficult and there is some horrible ways to die,
01. Dismembered– The tough jaws of a praying manits slice through its victim’s body with ease.
02. Strangled– Lions clamp their jaws around a zebras throat and throttle it to death. Anacondas squeeze prey until it stops breathing.
03. Impaled– The cone snail impales the prey by firing a harpoon with explosive speed
04. Poisoned– Jellyfish, spiders and scorpions are all master poisoners
05. Stunned– An electric eel can stun or kill its prey with a powerfull 500V shock.
06. Crushed– Secretary birds stamp on large prey to kill it.
07. Thumped– The tiny peacock mantis shrimp thumps its prey with its club-like limbs, with a force thousands of times its body weight.
08. Wrapped– The ulorid spider wraps its prey in silk so tightly that it breaks their legs and bursts their eyes.

About 140 species are known to eat their own kind. Some insects, fish and amphibians eat their relatives when food is rare, and the female black widow spider, praying mantis and scorpion eat the males after mating. Thank GOD our species doesnt have that kind of habit. Girls please don’t do this act at anywhere at home, school or other place. Stay safe boys. ;););)

Thank you!!!

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Easy way to achieve our goals

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Don’t let your goals and resolutions fall by the wayside. Chances are that to achieve your dreams and live a life you love, those goals and resolutions are crucial. Goal setting and goal achievement are easier if you follow these six steps for effective and successful goal setting and resolution accomplishment.

You need to deeply desire the goal or resolution.
First step in goal setting and achieving your dreams is that you’ve got to really, really want to achieve the goal. You need to create some kind of desire that you likely want that thing in your life.

Visualize yourself achieving the goal.
How will your life unfold differently as a result? If the goal is a thing, some gurus of goal setting recommend that you keep a picture of the item where you see and are reminded of it every day. If you can’t picture yourself achieving the goal, chances are – you won’t.

Make a plan for the path you need to follow to accomplish the goal.
Create action steps to follow. Identify a critical path. The critical path defines the key accomplish-ments along the way, the most important steps that must happen for the goal to become a reality.
All things can be created two times. Prepare mentally and achieve physically. You have to make sure that the blueprint, the first creation, is really what you want, that you’ve thought everything through. Then you put it into bricks and mortar. Each day you go to the construction shed and pull out the blueprint to get marching orders for the day. You begin with the end in mind.

Commit to achieving the goal by writing down the goal. 
Write down the plan, the action steps and the critical path. Somehow, writing down the goal, the plan and a timeline sets events in motion that may not have happened otherwise. If one have deeper commitment to goal achievement, there is no one cant fool their self later.

Establish times for checking your progress in your calendar system,
Writing down your goal in the model of calender system that can easily access goal acheivement progress systematically. Then you can plan new according to the condition of you goal situations.

No matter how positively you are thinking, you need to assess your lack of progress. Adopt a pessimist’s viewpoint; something will and probably is, going to go wrong. Take a look at all of the factors that are keeping you from accomplishing your goal and develop a plan to overcome them. Add these plan steps to your calendar system as part of your goal achievement plan.

Review your overall progress regularly. Make sure you are making progress. If you are not making progress, hire a coach, tap into the support of loved ones, analyze why the goal is not being met. Don’t allow the goal to just fade away. Figure out what you need to do to accomplish it. Check the prior five steps starting with an assessment of how deeply you actually want to achieve the goal. This step is to double check the progress.

Desire > Visualise > Plan > Written down goal > Create goal calender system > Review overall progress.

6 easy step.

Its easy to adivce others. But its little bit hard to make it practical. Follow your desired goal path. You can also create your goal path as your own style. When you got good path then walk through that path properly. You can definitely achieve your goal.

Thank you

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Part 1 is completely based on data recieved from internet. And part 2 is my assumption.
The origin of the Temple of Sree Padmanabhaswamy is lost in antiquity. It is not possible to determine with any exactitude, from any reliable historical documents or other sources as to when and by whom the original idol of Sree Padmanabhaswamy was consecrated. The Temple has references in Epics. Some well known scholars, writers and historians, like the late Dr. L.A.Ravi Varma of Travancore, have expressed the view that this Temple was established on the first day of Kali Yuga (which is over 5000 years ago). The legends of the Temple are handed down through the centuries. One such legend which finds a place in the old palm leaf records of the Temple, as also in the famous grantha entitled “Ananthasayana Mahatmya”, mentions that it was consecrated by a Tulu Brahmin hermit named Divakara Muni.
According to legend the Sree Narasimhaswamy and Sree Sastha shrines were established after the installation of the idol of Lord Sree Padmanabhaswamy.
The next important recorded events relate to the period between 1335 A.D. and 1384 A.D. when Venad was ruled by a powerful and wise king named Veera Marthanda Varma. He gradually established his authority completely over the management and administration of the Temple.
In this 21st century, temple has got the world’s attention in recent days.  About 1 Lakh crores worth of gold is found in the underground vault’s of temple.The committee which was employed takes in to account its value based on ancient and historical facts the value of the treasure will be approximately ten times to the value estimated right now. Treasure includes ancient gold chains, diamonds, rubies and precious stones, and gold statues the value of which is humanly impossible to evaluate in terms of money, bags full of golden coins of different nations including NAPOLEON and ITALIAN were also found.
The inspection of the temple began after India’s Supreme Court appointed a seven-member panel to enter and assess the value of the objects stored in its cellars, including the two chambers last thought to have been opened about 150 years ago.
There is 7 chambers in which these treassure were kept. There is no trouble until those inspection came at 7th chamber.
The entire world has eager to know what’s behind the Mysterious Last door of Padmanabha Swamy temple.
Some believes:-
According to the experts it was expected to Unlock by itself when a Secret Chant is spelled as it is locked in that way. It is believed that this chamber is being considered by the Trust members and other learned Astrologers of India, as highly mysterious, sacred and risky and dangerous to unveil it. Because its being saying that the steel door of the Chamber-B is having two big COBRA PORTRAITS on it and this door as no nuts, bolts or other latches. It is considered to be fixed to the secret chamber with the ‘NAGA BANDHAM’ or ‘NAGA PAASAM’ ‘MANTRAS’ by the then ‘SIDDAPURASHAS’ who lived during the reign of KING MARTHANDAVARMA in the 16th CENTURY.


7th chamber B door

A door of such a secret vault can be opened by a highly erudite ‘SADHUS’ or ‘MANTRIKAS’ who are familiar with the knowledge of extricating ‘NAGA BANDHAM’ or ‘NAGA PASAM’ by chanting a ‘GARUDA MANTRA’; So except in this way, the door can’t be opened by any means by anyone. At present NO WHERE IN INDIA or in the WORLD such a highly sacred and powerful ‘SIDDHAPURSHAS’ or ‘Y0GIS’ or ‘MANTRIKAS’ who does know how to execute highly sacred ‘GARUDA MANTRA’ are EXISTING.
If any human attempts are made with man-made technology to open the mysterious Chamber-B other than by chanting highly sacred and powerful ‘GARUDA MANTRAS’ by a highly sacred ‘MANTRIKAS’, catastrophes are likely to occour in and around the Temple premises or through out India or even through out the world according to VEDIC ASTROLOGERS OF INDIA, who also revealed their inability to open the door by chanting the secret ‘GARUDA MANTRA’. If ‘GARUDA MANTRA’ is chanted by any powerful ‘SADHU’ or ‘YOGI’ or ‘MANTRIKA’ the door proceeds to automatically open and no human effort is needed to open it in any other way. Adding to the belief that the Garuda drives away mighty serpents from our way.
Naga means snake
Garuda means hawk
 As of now, the people on the other side of the door are able to listen the sounds of water or Sounds made by snakes as guessed. Believers say that the seventh door is an opening where the entire temple and areas may be flooded with waters and some others say, that there are large serpents guarding the area inside which doesn’t allow any one. The day to know what’s really behind is still awaited.
These are some assumptions about that chamber inside temple. May be these are right, may be not. Now its time for my thoughts about this topic. My Review, My Assumptions.
I never seen that chamber or door. My criticism is mainly based on picture that I got from internet.

They said that door is locked by sound waves. I dont know whether i am right or wrong. Is that possible to lock something with sound waves? Now a days technologies have been developed and we can lock a door by saying password or words. But that can be possible only because, sound waves recorded by a software and software enables the door lock. Then is what happening today. But how can be these possible 150 years ago. How sound waves enables a physical matter directly?
So lock may be from inside and person who enable that lock may came out through some secret door or tunnel. Or he died inside the chamber.

Now about that door,

Some believe that its two cobra snakes facing each other. So it turn into some evidence for that naga manthra lock i guess. But it seems to be two dragons facing each other for me. Check it guys.
And there are 3 dragons. One is facing towards us.
Is there any combinations with those dragons that would unlock door? May be experts try though. I dnt know about that.


Two dragons facing each other

Chinese folks in the olden days believe that the presence of the mighty, majestic and magnificent dragon in the home bestows the magical energy of this celestial creature, bringing courage, creativity and capabilities that spell success for residents.
According to legend, is in the nature of the Dragon to collect, store and guard a vast array of precious gems. Metaphorically, the Dragon is the Ancient Ancestor who contains all the old wisdom. This is why the symbol has and is used by initiates and royalty.
It is a symbol of mastery as well as sovereignty

Two Dragons facing each other symbolize one who is working toward Immortality, while two Dragons facing in opposite directions indicate the attainment of Immortality. 
By calculating these information, conclusion is little bit easier than i thought.

Symbol in that door may be some purposeful illustration made by the king. As he gain knowledge by travelling china i hope. It meant to be that the things behind the B chamber door may help people of this nation from proverty or from sufferings. It may provide happiness to the people of this nation. Believing that that door may led us to become immortal with happiness.

So futher investigation help to find truth. This is also one kind possibility.

This is only my assumption came from my imagination. God knows the truth.
Datas collected from
1 http://www.amazingbharat.com/2014/02/mystery-behind-seventh-door-of-shri.html?m=1
2 http://sreepadmanabhaswamytemple.org/history.htm
3 http://dragoncourt.net/01.html

Thank you

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Friendship #my #best #friend

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When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives mean the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares.

I am starting this post by sharing quote of “Henri” (whom i didnt know him yet). I felt some difference in his quote.
This post i made is not general subject. Its somewhat my personal stuff. I want to share my best friend story to this world.

Every one is my good friend, but only one person got a chance to become my best friend. Its my privilege to say that “we are best friends forever“. I said its my privilege because my best friend is my advantage. I am proud to say that she is my best friend. When i am saying this, words are getting so meaningful.

I introduce to this world my best best buddy forever, Ms Gopika Gopinath. My Gopus. My Gopz.

I met her 2 years back. We became best friends very quickly. No words in this earth can explain our friendship. When others will always find us fighting each other all time, they could not be able to see how much we love each other. Thats why i am saying that no one can see the depth of our friendship. She do anything for me. In her every day prayings i have some part. She always want me to go through right path, for that she will die.

Lots and lots i hurt her, but she always want to be with me. She always know how much i love her😘. How much i care for her. She doesnt want to make distance in our friendship. If there get a distance or chance of break in our friendship we will die.

All says friendship is like that, or like this or friendship is something that people knowing each other bla bla bla..
Every one is right I agree with all. But for me I can definitely say that…

Friendship is relationship between people have power of compromising and being compromised. Its some kind of adjustment.  If we are not willing to adjust for other person, then how can we say that he/she is my best friend.

Now you may thinking that compromises and adjustments will come from to anonymous people and how can we say that they are best friends. Sure i agree at that point we can say that they are willing to be best friends. Compromise and adjustments make their willingness.
At the time when you lost these two, then you have no rights to say you and other persons were best buddies. Even if you said, its fake.

We definitely have that two factors in our friends apart from understanding, knowing, loving, caring etc. I am proud to say that i have a best friend. And she is forever.

I miss my best friend. Dont you?
Go go go!!!! Message him or her right now.


Gopz with Nanz

We fight each other, but we dont hate each other.
We hurt each other, but we dont let others to hurt us.
Thats why we are, BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.

This post dedicated to you GOPZ:)

tHe naNzeR

Advice and Solution

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As my title, i jz wanna say few about advice and solution. Some may think that i am going to say things about solution that i found out from an advise. Some may think that i am going to say few general advices and general solutions for problems.
Sorry guys. Its not like that.

I jz want to share one experience that i got an advice from a person that i had never seen him in my life.
It happened few days ago. At the time of my works. Sorry first i should explain what is my work. I am working in a SOFTWARE company (India, kerala, tvm.) as a Business Development Executive. Simply we can say that i am working as marketing executive in a software company. Back to my story. I met a person during my work. He is the program chart designer of school called Salvation Army(kawdiar). I am there to demonstrate my company’s new product School Management Software. For that i was waiting there to see the head of the school. At that time i had an oppurtunity to talk with that person i mentioned above. During our chat he asked me about my qualification. I said i complete MBA. When he heard mba he was start mocking and make fun on that word mba. He said in malayalam that mba means
not midukans in business administration its mandans in business administration” it means “not smart guys in business administration, its fools in business aministration”. As a management student i feel so bad by hearing his word. In addition to that he gave an advice. “You people have to show your talent and smartness in practical life or work, not for gaining money. You have work for the development and experience. You have not to work for a company which is at top position. You have to work for a company which is at low market position or work for company that is going to face financial loss or something like that. Then use your talent and convert that company into a profitable one. Then only other can say without thinking that your are a capable, talented person“.

That words touched my heart. Yes he is right. He is no one for me. But his words have some vision about future development. In my mind i salute 50+ aged man. Mark his words.
(My company starts and going to complete 5th financial year. So its like a small company. Have some plans to move from this company. Because even if i worked hard, result is very less. One benefit is that i am getting so much freedom in my works.)
Days passed. Each day i remember his word. I decide to work hard for my company. For its development. Try to forget about the resignation. Stop finding another job.

Until TODAY.

Because today i find a solution for that advise. I studied Human Resource and Finance Management on MBA. But now i am doing Marketing Job. Ofcourse i have few skills on marketing. My passion is at HR. Then why should i use my talent for developing company by sitting on this post. So i decided to change my profile, or find another job.

Relief from his advice. Solution for his advice. He is right. Whatever he said is right. We have to get something for our work. It may be  experience or money. Whatever it is.

You can choose advice or solution. 2 of them will make benefit one way or another way.

Thank you.

tHe naNzeR

My post : very 1st Introduction

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To this new world I am NEW.
I am Nanz. For my country, I am Nanda. I start this blog to share my thoughs, feelings and ideas to others.
I am not a philosopher
I am not a scientist
I am not a great man who have good public image.

I am just a common person who see this world like others did. I dont know how much i can contribute to this blog. But i can assure that now onwards, whatever i see or think which i feel important or special will be post on this blog.

Self introduction ends by saying that I am what I am and will never change for others.



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